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Girls United by Love

If you missed our celebration of the

International Day of the Girls Child event,

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Hi, I’m Karol V. Brown, I’m your Host

You might be wondering..

What are we going to be talking about?

Karol V. Brown, Founder of Girls United by Love,

Writer, Keynote speaker teaching self-love, empowerment, and leadership

Washington State



The Harriet Tubman Way to Self-Love

Poor Cell Phone Etiquette

Bush up on your etiquette

Law of Attraction, Attract Love, Money, Friendship And Good Job

The Law of Attraction, Get what you want

Hi, I’m Lorena A. Belcher,

your Co-Host, we have some great speakers, but we want to hear from you too. Get ready to Chat!

Lorena A. Belcher, M.A

Education & Psychology

CEO H.E.R.story Reimagined, LLC


African Kid Girl Distance Learning during Online Group Class with Teacher.

How to write Affirmations

Breakout rooms

for connecting and

Entertainment too!

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Love of Nature

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Meet our National and

International Speakers

Known as the Oprah Winfrey of the North, Darlita Bostic is Chief Executive Officer of DBoss Network


Oni Lasana

Performing & Teaching artist, author, podcaster international storyteller, poet and Certified in Laughter Yoga


Nerissa Trindade

Is a transformational keynote speaker, coach and two-time international bestselling author


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Dr. Collette Wayne

Is a wellness scientist with a passion for promoting well-being among humans, animals, and the environment



Carol Prewitt

President at Prewitt Consulting, LLC Provides civility and etiquette training

Zehra Mahoon

Is a master mindset and law of attraction coach and manifesting expert. She is the author of sixteen books on these subjects


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Two more Speakers

You Don’t Want to Miss!

The Magic of Vision Boards

Christina Mendez

Founder of Irene-Marie Co. marketing agency

and public speaker


Mastering the

Dating Game

Is an unconventional personal development consultant driven by a passion for positive change